BOSCH(R) – Bosch DDMS40 Impact Tough Drill/Drive Custom Case Set (40-Piece Set)


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Bosch DDMS40 Impact Tough Drill/Drive Custom Case Set (40-Piece Set)

SPECS: • Both driver and drill bits are impact rated and provide longer bit life than standard impact bits ;• Driver bit Xtended Torsion Zone helps absorb high torque of new impact drivers ;• Black oxide coating on drill bits provides lower friction and less heat for longer life ;• Tilt-in/tilt-out case mechanism allows easier access to bits ;• Customized storage configuration provides efficiency so right bit is always at hand ;• Precision-engineered driver bit tips deliver tighter fit and less cam out ;• Heat-treated bit manufacturing provides stronger bit ;• High-visibility bit markings make finding correct bit for the job easier ;• Durable case features a secure latch and rubber bumpers;• Kit includes: ;• Insert bits: 2 P1, 4 P2, P2 reduced, P3, 2 P2R2 combo, R1, 4 R2, R3, T5, 2 T20, 3 T25, T30, and T40 ;• 2 in. power bits: 2 P2, P3, R2, R3, T25, and T30 ;• Black oxide drill bits: two 1/16 in., two 3/32 in., 1/8 in., 5/32 in., 3/16 in., 1/4 in. ;• Standard bit holder;


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