BRENTWOOD(R) APPLIANCES – Brentwood Appliances H-Q600BK 600-Watt Portable Space Heater

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Brentwood Appliances H-Q600BK 600-Watt Portable Space Heater

SPECS: • Choose between 2 comfort settings: 300 or 600 watts;• 2 quartz heating elements generate radiant heat ;• Quality stainless steel reflector maximizes heat;• Safety tip over switch prevents accidents;• Cool-touch housing makes it safe to touch and move;• Safety mesh guard avoids direct contact with the heating elements ;• Lightweight and highly portable with easy to carry handle;• Power/warmer indicator light illuminates when turned on;• Powerful portable space heater has a maximum of 600 watts;• Clean white finish looks great in any room;• Includes user manual;• 1-year manufacturer warranty from date of purchase to repair or replace any defective unit;


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