CRUNCH(R) – Crunch PZ-2020.4 POWERZONE 4-Channel Class AB Amp (2,000 Watts)

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Crunch PZ-2020.4 POWERZONE 4-Channel Class AB Amp (2,000 Watts)

SPECS: • 1,000 watts x 2 mono bridged @ 4 ohms;• 250 watts x 4 @ 4 ohms;• 500 watts x 4 @ 2 ohms;• 0 to 9 dB bass boost;• Red heat sink elements;• SPEED-FET output devices to maximize power efficiency while improving sound quality and minimizing distortion;• High-level inputs to integrate with OEM systems;• Fully adjustable electronic crossovers;• Low-voltage RCA inputs produce the highest sound quality without interference and minimal distortion in the signal path;• Ability to daisy-chain multiple amps to eliminate additional signal cables from the source unit;• LED system protection circuitry diagnostics;• Includes owner’s manual;


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