DANTONA(R) – Dantona CAM-350P CAM-350 Replacement Battery

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Dantona CAM-350P CAM-350 Replacement Battery

SPECS: • 12V;• Long-lasting;• 2,000mAh;• Lead acid;• Rechargeable battery;• Compatible with Chinon(R) CV-T63, Chinon(R) CV-T84, Chinon(R) VSBS0016, Curtis Mathes(R) DV700, Curtis Mathes(R) FV500, Curtis Mathes(R) FV600, Curtis Mathes(R) FV700, Curtis Mathes(R) FV800, Curtis Mathes(R) GV700, Curtis Mathes(R) GV800, Curtis Mathes(R) KV770, Curtis Mathes(R) QD00001, Curtis Mathes(R) QD00010, General Electric(R) CG-650, General Electric(R) CG-670, General Electric(R) CG-671, General Electric(R) CG-680, General Electric(R) CG-681, General Electric(R) CG-684, General Electric(R) CG-686, General Electric(R) CG-687, General Electric(R) CG-705, General Electric(R) CG-895, General Electric(R) CG-9902, General Electric(R) CG-9906, General Electric(R) CG-9907, General Electric(R) CG-9908, General Electric(R) CG-9910, General Electric(R) CG-9911, JCPenney(R) 686-6015, JCPenney(R) 686-6062, JCPenney(R) 855-8462, JCPenney(R) 855-8520, JCPenney(R) 855-8959, JCPenney(R) 890-1886, JCPenney(R) 890-1902, JCPenney(R) 890-2454, Magnavox(R) CK300, Magnavox(R) CVK300, Magnavox(R) CVK310, Magnavox(R) CVK315, Magnavox(R) CVK320, Magnavox(R) CVK321, Magnavox(R) CVK325, Magnavox(R) CVL300, Magnavox(R) CVL301, Magnavox(R) CVL310, Magnavox(R) CVL318, Magnavox(R) CVL319, Magnavox(R) CVL320, Magnavox(R) CVL325, Magnavox(R) CVM310, Magnavox(R) CVM315, Magnavox(R) CVM320, Magnavox(R) CVM325, Magnavox(R) CVN310AV, Magnavox(R) CVN310AV01, Magnavox(R) CVN320AV, Magnavox(R) CVN320AV01, Magnavox(R) CVR-325AV, Magnavox(R) CVR330AV, Magnavox(R) CVR330AV01, Magnavox(R) CVR335AV, Magnavox(R) CVR335AV01, Magnavox(R) VHS130, Memorex – 16-837, Memorex – SM4200, Memorex – SM4300, Memorex – SM4400, Olympus(R)VF-BP8U, Panasonic(R) AFX12, Panasonic(R) AG185U, Panasonic(R) AG-186, Panasonic(R) AG-188U, Panasonic(R) AG455, Panasonic(R) AG-456U, Panasonic(R) AGB202P, Panasonic(R) AGBP20, Panasonic(R) AG-BP20DX, Panasonic(R) AGBP20P, Panasonic(R) CV-3112, Panasonic(R) LC-SD122BU, Panasonic(R) NV-M3000, Panasonic(R) PV-500, Panasonic(R) PV-501, Panasonic(R) PV-502, Panasonic(R) PV-505, Panasonic(R) PV-510, Panasonic(R) PV-515, Panasonic(R) PV-6005, Panasonic(R) PV-602, Panasonic(R) PV-604, Panasonic(R) PV-6055, Panasonic(R) PV-605S, Panasonic(R) PV-606, Panasonic(R) PV-610, Panasonic(R) PV-615, Panasonic(R) PV-700, Panasonic(R) PV-704, Panasonic(R) PV-705S, Panasonic(R) PV-710, Panasonic(R) PV-7100, Panasonic(R) PV-715S, Panasonic(R) PV-720, Panasonic(R) PV-720D, Panasonic(R) PV-750, Panasonic(R) PV-760, Panasonic(R) PV-770, Panasonic(R) PV-800, Panasonic(R) PV-800K, Panasonic(R) PV-808, Panasonic(R) PV-810, Panasonic(R) PV-900, Panasonic(R) PV-900D, Panasonic(R) PV-908, Panasonic(R) PV-910, Panasonic(R) PV-918D, Panasonic(R) PV-940, Panasonic(R) PV-950, Panasonic(R) PV-960, Panasonic(R) PV-9600, Panasonic(R) PV-M620, Panasonic(R) PV-M813, Panasonic(R) PV-S70, Panasonic(R) PV-S760, Panasonic(R) PV-S770, Philco(R) VKR110, Philips(R) CCK310, Philips(R) CCK321, Philips(R) CPK-816, Philips(R) CPK-832, Philips(R) CPL-820, Philips(R) CPL-827, Philips(R) CPL-870, Philips(R) CPL-915, Philips(R) VE258, Quasar(R) VE258, Quasar(R) VM-21, Quasar(R) VM-32AC, Quasar(R) VM-33AC, Quasar(R) VM-700, Quasar(R) VM-701, Quasar(R) VM-705, Quasar(R) VM-706, Quasar(R) VM-710, Quasar(R) VM-710K, Quasar(R) VM-711, Quasar(R) VM-712, Quasar(R) VM-713, Quasar(R) VM-714, Quasar(R) VM-715, Quasar(R) VM-716, Quasar(R) VM-717, Quasar(R) VM-718, Quasar(R) VM-719, Quasar(R) VM-735, Quasar(R) VM-735K, Quasar(R) VM-737, Quasar(R) VM-745, Samsung(R) SC-F32, Samsung(R) SC-F704, Samsung(R) SC-F755, Samsung(R) SC-F765, Sears 53661, Sears 53662, Sears 53671, Sears 53672, Sears 53684, Sears 53685, Sharp – VL-L64U, Sylvania(R) VKC210, Sylvania(R) VKC221, Sylvania(R) VKC242, Sylvania(R) VLC218, Sylvania(R) VLC225, Sylvania(R) VMC226AV01, Sylvania(R) VSB0016, Technika(R) CX-921 Chinon(R) CV-BP89, Curtis Mathes(R) VSBS-0016, Empire(TM) EPP-130C, Energizer(R) CV-3112, General Electric(R) 1CVA156, JCPenney(R) 686-6023, JCPenney(R) 688-6023, JCPenney(R) 855-3026, JCPenney(R) 855-8611, Magnavox(R) V80096BK01, Panasonic(R) BP-50, Panasonic(R) LC-S2012D, Panasonic(R) LC-S2012DVBN, Panasonic(R) LC-SD122U, Panasonic(R) PV-BP50, Panasonic(R) PV-BP50A/1H, Philips(R) V80096BK, Power-Sonic PS1221, Radio Shack(R) 23-287, Saft(R) RC1250, Samsung(R) SV-LB6, Sears(R) 53991, Twin 23-41513, Twin 23-44, Zenith(R) VAC907, Energizer(R) CV3112, Panasonic(R) LCS2012D & Panasonic(R) LCS2012DVBN;


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