ULTRALAST(R) – Ultralast BATT-23 BATT-23 Replacement Battery

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Ultralast BATT-23 BATT-23 Replacement Battery

SPECS: • 3.6V ;• NiCd ;• Long-lasting ;• 600mAh ;• Rechargeable ;• Comparable to Lenmar(R) LENCB0399;• Compatible with AT&T(R) 9002, AT&T(R) 9050, AT&T(R) 9105, AT&T(R) 9107, AT&T(R) 9110, AT&T(R) 9111, AT&T(R) 9200, Belkin(R) F8V186, GE(R)/SANYO 26305, Gemini TA266, Lucent Technologies 9002, Lucent Technologies 9050, Lucent Technologies 9105, Lucent Technologies 9107, Lucent Technologies 9110, Lucent Technologies 9111, Lucent Technologies 9200, Maxell(R) MCP4053, Radio Shack(R) 43-8009, Sharp(R) CL9601D, Sharp(R) CL9801D, Sony(R) SPP-900, Sony(R) SPP-910, Sony(R) SPP-930, Sony(R) SPP-935, Sony(R) SPP-937, Sony(R) SPP-A927, Sony(R) SPP-A940, Sony(R) SPP-A940BK, Sony(R) SPP-A941, Sony(R) SPP-A945, Sony(R) SPP-A972, Sony(R) SPP-A973, Sony(R) SPP-A985, Sony(R) SPP-ID910, Sony(R) SPP-ID970, Sony(R) SPP-ID975, Sony(R) SPP-IDIM977, Sony(R) SPP-IM977, Sony(R) SPP-IM982, Sony(R) SPP-M920, Sony(R) SPP-M932, Sony(R) SPP-M937, Sony(R) SPP-S910, Southwestern Bell S60523, Tele-Phone TEL-1218, Tele-Phone TEL-620, Tele-Phone TEL-813, Tele-Phone TEL-909, Toshiba(R) FT-3806, Toshiba(R) FT-H916, Toshiba(R) FT-H916BK, Toshiba(R) FT-H918, Toshiba(R) FT-H986, Toshiba(R) FT-H986BK, Toshiba(R) FT-X988BK, Toshiba(R) RC006495, Toshiba(R) SX2007, Toshiba(R) SX-2007, Uniden(R) EXS9950, VTech(R) 910ADL, VTech(R) 912ADL, VTech(R) 912ADLC, VTech(R) 912DLC, VTech(R) 914ADL, VTech(R) 914ADLI, VTech(R) 915ADL, VTech(R) 916ADL, VTech(R) 916ADLI, VTech(R) 917ADX, VTech(R) 918ADX, VTech(R) 920ADL, VTech(R) 921ADL, VTech(R) VT 1900, VTech(R) VT 1901, VTech(R) VT 1910, VTech(R) VT 1910C, VTech(R) VT 1911, VTech(R) VT 1920, VTech(R) VT 1920C, VTech(R) VT 1921, VTech(R) VT 1930, VTech(R) VT 1930CX, VTech(R) VT 1940, VTech(R) VT 1961, VTech(R) VT 1970, VTech(R) VT 1970CI, VTech(R) VT 2910, VTech(R) VT 2910C, VTech(R) VT 2920C, VTech(R) VT 2960, VTech(R) VT 2960CI, VTech(R) VT 9000, VTech(R) VT 9060, VTech(R) VT 9060i, VTech(R) VT 912L, VTech(R) vt1900, VTech(R) vt1901, VTech(R) vt1910, VTech(R) vt1910C, VTech(R) vt1911, VTech(R) vt1920, VTech(R) vt1920C, VTech(R) vt1921, VTech(R) vt1925, VTech(R) vt1930, VTech(R) vt1930CX, VTech(R) vt1940, VTech(R) vt1961, VTech(R) vt1970, VTech(R) vt1970CI, VTech(R) vt2910, VTech(R) vt2910C, VTech(R) vt2920C, VTech(R) vt2950CI, VTech(R) vt2960, VTech(R) vt2960CI, VTech(R) vt9000, VTech(R) vt9060, VTech(R) vt9060i, VTech(R) vt912L AT&T(R) 24117, AT&T(R) 3470, BellSouth(R) TL6502, Empire(TM) CPB-483, Energizer(R) P7310, GE(R)/SANYO GES-PC915, GE(R)/SANYO PC915, General Electric(R) BT-23, Jasco(R) TL96502, Lucent Technologies 24117, Lucent Technologies 3470, NABC UL923, Radio Shack(R) 23-271, Radio Shack(R) 23-295, Recoton T117, Saft(R) STB923, SANYO GES-PC915, Sharp(R) UBATNO152AWZZ, Sony(R) BP-T23, Sprint(R) 89318, Toshiba(R) TRB-9100, VTech(R) 10-0900-PACK, VTech(R) 80-3316, VTech(R) 80-3328-00-03, VTech(R) 80-4032-00-00;


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