ULTRALAST(R) – Ultralast BATT-2419 BATT-2419 Rechargeable Replacement Battery


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Ultralast BATT-2419 BATT-2419 Rechargeable Replacement Battery

SPECS: • 3.6V ;• NiMH ;• Long-lasting ;• 700mAh ;• Rechargeable ;• Comparable to Lenmar(R) CB02419;• Compatible with AT&T(R) 2419, AT&T(R) E2725B, AT&T(R) E5925B, Lucent Technologies 2419, Lucent Technologies E2725B, Lucent Technologies E5925B, Nomad E1215, Nomad E1225, Nomad E2115, Nomad E2120, Nomad E2125, Nomad E2715, Nomad E2725, Nomad E5600, Nomad E5601, Norand E5603, Norand E5630, Norand E5633, Norand E5634, Norand E5815, Norand E5915B, Olympia CDP-24106, Olympia CDP-24200, Olympia CDP-24201, Olympia CDP-24206, Olympia CDP-24406, Olympia CDP-24999, Radio Shack(R) 23-905, SANYO CLT-D6620, SANYO CLT-D6622 AT&T(R) 578, AT&T(R) 2420, AT&T(R) 00578, AT&T(R) B2420, Empire(TM) CPH-505, Lucent Technologies 578, Lucent Technologies 2420, Lucent Technologies 00578, Lucent Technologies B2420, Olympia OLY-HS24206, Radio Shack(R) 23-442, Ultralast(R) EB-UL419, VTech(R) 80-5542-00-00, VTech(R) 80-5543-00-00, VTech(R) GP70AAAH3BX & Interstate(R) TEL0011;


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Notes: Product is Discontinued;

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