ULTRALAST(R) – Ultralast CEL-G360 CEL-G360 Replacement Battery

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Ultralast CEL-G360 CEL-G360 Replacement Battery

SPECS: • 3.8V;• Long-lasting;• 2,000mAh;• Li-Ion;• Rechargeable;• Replacement battery for Samsung Galaxy Core Prime(R) & other comparable Samsung(R) models;• Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Core Prime(R), Samsung Galaxy Core Prime(R) CDMA, Samsung Galaxy Core Prime(R) TD-LTE, Samsung Galaxy Core Prime(R) Value Edition, Samsung(R) Galaxy J2, Samsung(R) Galaxy J2 Duos, Samsung(R) Galaxy J2 Duos LTE, Samsung(R) Galaxy J2 Duos TV, Samsung(R) SM-G360, Samsung(R) SM-G3606, Samsung(R) SM-G3608, Samsung(R) SM-G361, Samsung(R) SM-G360BT, Samsung(R) SM-G3609, Samsung(R) SM-J200F/DS, Samsung(R) SM-J200H/DD, Samsung(R) SM-J200H/DS Samsung(R) EB-BG360BBE, Samsung(R) EB-BG360CBC & Samsung(R) EB-BG360CBE;


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