AUTOTEK(R) – Autotek ATEQ ATEQ Equalizer

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Autotek ATEQ ATEQ Equalizer

SPECS: • Half-DIN, 4-band preamp EQ with front/rear active crossover features;• Line Driver circuit delivers 9 volts of preamp level signal through the RCAs;• Audio input selector for switching between head unit and another audio source;• Input level controls for both the car radio and any media device to ensure identical volume levels;• Master volume control of the SPL-level for both sound sources;• Front to rear dual-amp fader;• 2 audio inputs with level matching;• Selectable 12 dB high-pass crossover and low-pass sub output;• Selectable for mono or stereo subwoofer setups;• 45 Hz sub-bass control;• 120 Hz mid-bass control;


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