DUST-OFF(R) – Dust-Off DPSXL4A 10oz Electronics Dusters, 4 pk

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Dust-Off DPSXL4A 10oz Electronics Dusters, 4 pk

SPECS: • Removes dust, lint, and other contaminants from hard-to-reach areas;• Ideal for cleaning CPUs, keyboards, computer mice, and workstations;• Also ideal for cleaning items around the home, including collectibles, figurines, & window blinds;• Delivers pure moisture-free blasts;• 100% ozone safe, contains no CFCs, HCFCs, propane or butane;• Contains a bitterant to discourage inhalant abuse;• Includes straws to extend reach of spray;


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Weight 3.8500 kg
Dimensions 10.50 × 8.50 × 2.50 cm