GARDUS(R) – Gardus DVME Dryer Vent Made Easy

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Gardus DVME Dryer Vent Made Easy

SPECS: • Ensures safety by instantly reduces the risk of dryer fires in the home by eliminating kinked, lint-filled dryer flex pipe;• Provides easy access for routine dryer vent cleaning;• Increases dryer’s efficiency, saving money by using less electricity, which is better for the environment;• Saves space by reclaiming lost inches of space in laundry area caused by bulky dryer flex pipe, enabling closer positioning of dryer to the venting wall;• Easily installs;• Designed for installations with the dryer vent on the wall behind the dryer;• Ideal for new construction and remodels ;• Made in the USA from high-heat ABS plastic coupled with a Sarlink(R) gasket and stainless steel clamps;• ICC-ES(R) PMG listed, ensuring code compliance;


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