GENESIS(TM) – Genesis GHG1500A Dual-Temperature Heat Gun with Accessories

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Genesis GHG1500A Dual-Temperature Heat Gun with Accessories

SPECS: • Strips paint and varnish, softens caulking and putty for removal, and removes adhesive labels ;• Thaws pipes, gutters, freezers, or radiators ;• Loosens rusted nuts and bolts ;• Speed-dries epoxy, cement or any damp surface, etc.;• Powerful 12.5-amp, 1,500-watt output motor;• 3-position rocker-type switch for high/off/low with 2 air temperature settings: 572deg F and 1,000deg F;• 2-year warranty;• ETL(R)/Intertek(R) listed;• Includes air-reduction nozzle to concentrate heat, 2 deflector nozzles to protect glass and other surfaces, and 1 reflector nozzle to speed thawing of pipes;


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