MACE(R) BRAND – Mace Brand 80101 Personal Triple-Action Spray (Neon Blue)


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Mace Brand 80101 Personal Triple-Action Spray (Neon Blue)

SPECS: • Combines pepper spray, tear gas, and UV marking dye into a powerful deterrent with a range of up to 12 ft.;• Creates instant distress in attacker, with severe tearing, shortness of breath and burning for up to 30 to 60 minutes; UV marking dye gives law enforcement an easy way to confirm an attacker, even the next day;• Up to 20 bursts can be dispersed before the container is empty;• Finger-grip design for optimal targeting accuracy;• Unique flip and grip safety top prevents accidental discharge;• Easy to carry and includes handy key chain;• Made in the USA;• Neon Blue;


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