RCA – RCA ANT705E Attic/Outdoor HDTV Antenna


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RCA ANT705E Attic/Outdoor HDTV Antenna

SPECS: • Up to 65+ mile range from each broadcast tower;• Built to withstand severe outdoor environments or can be mounted in attic;• Small, compact design adapts to most attic settings;• Easy to assemble, no tools required;• Receiving over-the-air broadcasts provides free of charge top-rated HDTV network programming and local news and weather with no monthly fee or subscription;• Receives signals from both UHF and VHF stations, whether broadcasting in Full HD or 4K TV, for highest-quality picture and sound;• Does not include cabling;


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Weight 5.04 lbs
Dimensions 17.8 × 9.5 × 2.7 in