ROYAL(R) – Royal 69149V Scriptor Typewriter

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Royal 69149V Scriptor Typewriter

SPECS: • 13 in. carriage; 9 in. typing width;• 45-key, 17-function keyboard; 20-keystroke buffer; 12 characters per second type speed;• 10, 12, and 15 pitch;• 1 in., 1.5 in., and 2 in. line spacing;• Impression control;• Automatic underlining; bold typing;• Superscript and subscript;• Margin set and release; indent;• 12-place decimal tabulation;• Centering; right margin flush; auto return;• Relocation feature; justification print; word correction;• Half and express backspace; caps lock; paper eject;• 120 volt/60 Hz AC power supply;• Cord storage; carrying handle;• Includes operator manual, protective foam inserts, protective bag, pre-installed ribbon, and liftoff tape;


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