STINGER(R) – Stinger SGP35 SPG Series 500-Amp Relay/Isolator

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Stinger SGP35 SPG Series 500-Amp Relay/Isolator

SPECS: • 500 amps constant; 900 amps peak current;• Compatible with all types of alternators and charging systems;• High-current relays are the most reliable and efficient way to add secondary batteries to vehicle’s system; prevents primary battery discharge;• Can also be used in 80 amp to 500A amp current-like motors, winches, commercial equipment, etc. ;• 2 small terminals are for switching relay on and off; either one should be connected to chassis ground or other ground location and other terminal to switching power output;• Switching power must be between 10 volts and 16 volts DC; relay coil draws less than 1 amp when switched on;• Maximum current transfer ;• Water-resistant black phenolic plastic;• 100,000 mechanical cycle life;


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