CANNON(R) – Cannon 1901120 Uni-Troll 5 Manual Downrigger

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Cannon 1901120 Uni-Troll 5 Manual Downrigger

SPECS: • For use when trolling in deep water or salmon fishing; used to manually raise or lower bait using hand-operated crank;• 24-in. stainless steel boom; composite spool comes pre-spooled with 200 ft. of 150-lb. stainless steel cable;• 1-hand clutch deploy to position bait precisely and easily with full control;• Easy-to-read 3-digit depth counter to always know where weights are;• 2:1 retrieval rate makes getting lines out of water fast and nearly effortless; ergonomic crank handle;• Enclosed boom end prevents lines from jumping when deploying or retrieving weights;• Dual axis rod holder includes 1 rear-mount rod holder;• Limited lifetime warranty;• Includes universal mounting base, line terminator, 1 Uni-Line Release, and crank handle;


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